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  1. A small piece of woodland or a woody hill; a copse.
    She sent her voice though all the holt Before her, and the park. -- Tennyson.
  2. The lair of an animal, especially of a fox.


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Old past participle of the verb

Extensive Definition

Holt, holte or hult may mean:

Natural world:

  • Holt, an otter den
  • Holt, an occasional name for a fox den
  • Holt, an area of woodland, especially as a place-name in Great Britain


In Sweden

  • Döderhult, a parish in Småland
  • Hults Bruk, an iron forge near Norrköping
  • Hultsfred, in Småland, site of the Hultsfred music festival
  • Hult, a community in Eksjö Commune
  • Råshult, Småland, birthplace of Carl von Linné
  • Älmhult, Småland, site of the first IKEA store

In Norway

  • Holt, Norway, previously a municipality, now part of Tvedestrand

In Australia

In Denmark

  • Holte, a municipality in Søllerud Commune, Copenhagen county

In Germany

In Iceland

  • Skálholt, the first bishopric of medieval Iceland and the site of a cathedral

In the United Kingdom

In the United States

In The Netherlands


See Holt (surname) for a list of people with the surname Holt


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